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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 28, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: a sparkling new christmas record what you have to go to australia to see it. hey dad put together this massive lights display. breaking the previous world record for the led display ever. very cool. good to have you in today. >> have a wonderful weekend. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." i am andrea tantaros. here with us, dagen mcdowell, today's hashtag one lucky guy, dr. david. he is here and he is outnumbered. welcome, doctor. >> to be around all of these beautiful women. >> was feeling a little dizzy, could have used some jumper cables.
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>> i had to come in. you all look good. >> something for our stomachs because they are pretty full today. >> lost to be thankful for, it was a wonderful day. >> we will get right to it, the latest after the firestorm in ferguson, missouri. folks trying to rebuild after looters torched businesses following the grand jury decision and police shooting case. they remained peaceful reporting nor rest and religious leaders calling for unity. some demonstrators moving off the streets into chain stores. chanting at an event at a local walmart trying to get their message heard as shoppers hunt for black friday deals. live in ferguson with the latest. >> he mentioned the black friday protest. they are materializing, one that popped up, the walmart, a suburb of st. louis.
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another that popped up at a target. neither of these lasted for a very long time. the idea is to disrupt holiday commerce with a loose connection to the notion of injustice in the death of michael brown. the store owners in ferguson itself forced to paint the boards for the holidays because people can only guess when all of this will end. the police made a notice out to the media cautioning and comforting people with the idea the shopping areas will be safe this holiday weekend or the preholiday days i should say. you won't see a large presence at most, a large police presence at most of the shopping areas. police find a keep a low profile to prevent the appearance of the military state but their nearby if there is any trouble. many are looking to see if anything happens tonight or tomorrow night.
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getting an idea of how long all of this will last. >> thanks, mike. as millions hit the malls today this black friday, the government hopes to add something to their shopping list, obamacare. thadministration partnering with one of the largest mall operators getting folks to sign up as part of the new outreach initiative malls in eight states including colorado, illinois, new jersey will start budding navigators and other enrollment workers hand out flyers to get workers to enroll. the goal is to get 9 million new sign-ups next year. obamacare is not on my christmas list but they're having trouble getting people to sign-up so they have to think of every creative way they can. >> they are going on the ground now to bring in 9 million people, so think about it.
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your ties, and it is going to be obamacare. this is like a gift of obamacare. a very expensive gift and you can never really give it to something else because you can return it, you can rewrap it and you don't put any weight office gift because you don't do what is waiting for you. it is an absolute nightmare. it's treated so much trouble for physicians and hospitals. the concept may be made sense bringing more people in health care system but no real thinking behind it and as a result you know who is suffering from this? as doctors because w it into practice. it is really the patients that are truly suffering, so much confusion of what is my co-pay, will i come back later on, it is an absolute mess. we spent six days an on this without appropriate planning. >> it is understandable insurers want people to sign-up but as the doctor points out, you can get them at bargain prices.
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obamacare a lot of people finding out it is not cheap. >> and more expensive upgrade. they're going to be tens of thousands of people who have to sign-up for obamacare because part-time workers have lost their coverage. all these retailers, the list grows, they are cutting health insurance benefits for part-time workers because costs are going up. the poster boy for obamacare is now jonathan gruber p had he could not sell a doughnuts to a fat guy. >> i have been shopping with you, i know we hit the stores to go clothes shopping, shopping for health care. i think it is strange when you pass the kiosks, you run from them because people are pushing product. >> they are bringing urgent care, that is where the concept comes from and they will be in everybody's face. >> it reeks of desperation i
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have to outreach tables when i'm shopping for my christmas present i have to deal with this kind of nonsense. partnering with pharmaceutical associations, websites the target young women, newlyweds, so they are desperate, they need young people to sign-up. women, people who are pregnant, and the young, new homes. >> they are partnering with an organization that represents newlyweds but a lot of people who are married are finding it is cheaper to be single then be on obamacare. especially if you have a small business or pay the penalty. i guess maybe he was right about something. you would have to be stupid to sign-up for this because you might as well just pay the penalty. the expensive premiums. >> now with a lot of people losing their coverage at companies, you lose the benefit of being married and getting your spouse on.
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>> they're going to pass all the expenses onto the patient. nobody is going to be the sponsor for this except the patient. more and more people. two years ago everybody thought this was a great idea. now people in the hospitals, administrators really upset about the whole thing, it is not working. stastick to the suit and tie. >> 's an earlybird shoppers almost done with their list after shopping all day yesterday and walmart was one store early on thanksgiving. his extensive saying last night was awesome that light of a have my as a customer's shopping in our stores but we are confident walmart the first stop of the night for most of them. because of associates throughout the day welcome to 22 million customers to our stores, more than the number of people who visit disneyland in an entire year and our associates serve them with pride.
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what are some employees frustrate with the companies pay and benefits practices will be protesting the store. union organizers say workers will walk off the job at 1600 walmart stores today. and some analysts say things giving day sales can hurt a retailers bottom line because of the holiday race that they pay workers. is this a good idea to stay open? we debated it earlier in the week, walmart saying oh, yeah. >> i don't go shopping on black friday. i was missing yesterday thinking i wonder what is open on thanksgiving so i could split it. it is a little trouble some to see the protests going on. what happens when all of those shoppers get into the store and employees have walked out, who is going to be taking care of them? didn't we deal with this last year? >> more stores opening things giving day and open earlier, and
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the average time among the seven big retailers his summer in the 5:00 hour on thanksgiving. it used to be 5:00 on friday morning. it doesn't really increase the demand total, they are just pulling sales they would make over the weekend on to thanksgiving day. because some retailers started doing this, everybody has to jump on board. >> given the limited budget these guys have come you will spend most of the money in the first night, you may not have enough to go onto the christmas season. i think this is going to take off. >> people can avoid it with your uncle floyd. >> and i love to shop. no amount of money could get me. >> yes, supply and demand, people want to shop on things giving day, go at it. however for my family perspective and if you are one of these employees forced to
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work, i think these companies are greedy because they want to keep employees from being around the kitchen table with their families and you are seeing earlier and earlier open times. remember when we were growing up? nobody went shopping on thanksgiving day. >> they worked, they worked late wednesday night, takes chicken on things giving day. i was eating a turkey sandwich between serving the tables. i get what you're saying, has to be some sacred time. some off time you can count on where this is family time. another problem is, his mom and pop shops look to the left and right in the stores open, the stores open, what am i going to do? it is a lot of pressure on them.
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>> how much turkey are they going to have. time to hit the road. >> especially if you don't like certain relatives. did you see the walmart sales like mark >> they spent an increase this year, this with an increase of 4% across all these companies. >> we were in the video of people fighting, one guy was pulling things out of symbiosis cart and running away with them. >> i will do a pavement dive for a good deal. >> the other thing is online shopping. more and more people are going to do online shopping. >> i will said it shop at and nordstrom's because nordstrom's is one of the stores that close on things giving so that is where i chose to go. >> while lawmakers may be gone for the holiday, a showdown is looming on capitol hill after
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comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back. after another break, house g.o.p. leaders set to how about how exactly respond to the president's solo action illegal immigration. some asking why republicans have not been more aggressive after historic midterm win headed the presence policies and old-fashioned but will b butt w. nobody is seriously threatening to impeach him as republicans have repeatedly done in past years. even the most conservative members have little uptight for a government shutdown saying while they are determined to level sharp criticism, they are not thinking that going much further than that. why is that?
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i think republicans are terrified of overreaching. the likes of ted crews have faced enormous backlash, so are they just scared, will they disappoint conservatives? >> i think they are playing this smart because they know obama's double daring them to impeach on this action. they are also not in washington, d.c. we will take the senate, huge gains in the house, we will deal with it then. then o know the american public doesn't have the stomach to impeach. i do hope they get smart funding the government because that is what president obama wants them to do. come out and s say you don't lie latinos, you hate kids, you hate latino children. i think republicans are saying we are not going to take that base, we will let the courts deal with it and that is the best way to handle this. >> they have to do something to prevent another government shutdown.
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republicans are looking at what constituents want, 47% oppose a government shutdown versus 47% do support it. the majority want to fund this temporarily until maybe september so we can get our feet on the ground in figure out what we are doing next. >> they can give piecemeal immigration reform on their own. border security, the seth, agriculture, put them on the president's desk. dare him to veto what they are doing. >> i agree with you. i think this is probably some sort of political trap. 2015 will be a very interesting political year. a lot of latinos say this is nothing but a political move. would have been able to do it in the first couple of years of his presidency. the fact they are not reacting
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quickly, that is really smart, brilliant, it will just slow down the economy. take one segment at a time. they're going to try to take some of those off the table and see if he is going to react. >> a lawsuit on obamacare and supreme court and a number of governors like greg abbott in texas say they're going to sue against this executive action, sleigh are trust the court to take this on. that is the only way you are really going to stop the president. >> what about on the issue of immigration and say that is why there is a standstill because the g.o.p. itself to agree on what to do. is that part of the reason, and if so can they get it together and come together on this issue? >> do hi huge reason why i havet
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been more effective on obamacare. last time there was the one wing of the party saying let's defund it the others is a betz repeal the medical device tax. they were all singing off a different one. that was the exact kind of website flaking out. if they let it play out in the news with seed wins in virginia and other places but republicans were not on the same page. >> they learned a lesson this time. >> the problem is with republicans the every time they are being awful you have to wonder are they going to do something like you suggested. >> the president single action will drive it together on immigration. >> they don't have a choice. facing a big election, that is more important to them than they want to work together.
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>> just to poke him a little bit. hoping this time they get it. get it together, please. in fighting bubbling up with the party following the midterm beat down as one party leader takes on a fellow democrat over the economy and the health care law. could it get uglier in the new congress which mark and as we hear about concussions and other injuries, a new picture of how parents feel about their kids playing sports. how worried should they be. we will talk about it next. ♪ people with type 2 diabetes
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hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> we're starting to see some cribs between the democratic party. a lot of reps in the democratic party after the heavy midterm losses recently chuck schumer
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said while he supports obamacare, democrats blew an opportunity by passing the law instead of trying to fix the economy. nancy pelosi lashing back saying "we came here to do a job, not keep a job." meanwhile the white house the present democrats by threatening to veto a tax package negotiated by both parties. "wall street journal" writing "the develop menswear among fishers with the party to show democrats at odds over what a connect message to present the voters ahead of 2016 presidential race worried they lack the compelling return to the midterms. split and more populist economic argument. but we start with you since you are the physician on the panel bit do you think he is right, did the democrats spend way twitched time focusing on obamacare instead of what omar care people so they wanted to
9:27 am
focus on? >> was all about hope and change and change and hope. >> a lot of hope but the changes now we see were not appropriate. a big problem then. they are still suffering from that, health care is ms. marsh, nobody knows what to expect so he has a point. we will see how this is going to turn out. >> nancy close it is one thing, chuck schumer says another, there is no unity in the democratic party. are you shocked? why that happened in? >> there is a lot of division. you can look no further than hillary clinton, so many democrats can't stand her. there are so hungry for elizabeth warren to run because they don't feel she represents them. they focus too much on obamacare the expense of the economy especially obamacare hurting the economy that only focus on something else but focus on
9:28 am
something that hurt the initial cost people are looking at. voters, number one issue, putting food on the table, how much things are going to cost them and obamacare was a huge problem for jobs and many other issues. >> encourage people to hire part-time workers instead of full-time workers. i'm going to call him chuck you under the bus schumer because he threw all of those democrats under the bus. i was shocked how open he was about trying to distance himself from this law. a testament to its utter failure. >> a bipartisan proposal, now the president wants to veto this. another opportunity for him to get behind something easy like the keystone pipeline with support from both sides of the aisle.
9:29 am
the memo sent to him that they want to work together, he took it and he shredded it. he doesn't care about working together. on obamacare, do we believe what chuck schumer is saying? he was pushing obamacare, just giving cover for the next couple of years so when they feel like running against it when something bad happens like the employer mandate kicks in, he can say it totally stinks. pelosi, this is her baby. she pushed it through. >> behind the scenes, chuck schumer and pelosi having fun with this whole thing. playing good cop bad cop. they see this is not working well and the public is not happy with what is going on. this is the political game. the bottom line is americans are the ones who have to pay more, they are suffering even though the stock market seems to be playing. the pocket is empty. they are not out there shopping.
9:30 am
>> democrat is to not focus on the common. we're going to take them? >> they have no answers, they know that. let's move on. as many of us watched the three nfl games yesterday, quite a few parents have been thinking about their kids wh played youth spor. more and more parents are worried about the risk of injuries especially concussions. 87% are concerned about their kids getting hurt playing sports and about the behavior of the coaches. parents don't like the emphasis on winning over having fun. 29% of moms and 20% of dads have considered keeping their children from playing a sport because of a fear of a head injury. numbenumber of kids participatin organized sports has dropped from 44% to 40. you have two young kids 9-11. is the reward still greater than
9:31 am
the risk when it comes to organized sports? >> we want to encourage all to go out and play sports, but these statistics are real. 1.1.522 million visitors as a result of these sports. that is dangerous. the problem is the concussions as a result of playing football and these aggressive games and the parents are concerned. the long-term data is not clear. especially teenagers 13-14 years old, w you don't know what happs with memory loss, alzheimer's, depression, et cetera. i have watched a lot of the coaches and want them to know about this. if you see a player hurt, the biggest mistake is to put him back in the game. it is easily in pain, suffering, pulled out. if you have a simple fractures can become a real fracture be at look at their vision because
9:32 am
that is the end of the brain to be affected by this. make them count numbers. >> i called my husband before the segments to ask him. >> he's a former division i quarterback. his mom happens to be the audience i asked what did she say when you were growing up, said 95% of the people he played with don't ever have a concussion and if they do, it is a small one. the ones that really are dangerous he gets to the professional level, concussion after concussion. the benefits to sports far outweigh the rest. learn to be a team player, roderick, great friends he is cap for a lifetime. it helped the business because every person want to talk to him about his experience on the gridiron. when i met him, he is just a great guy.
9:33 am
he never puts state paid in drig high school, never did drugs high school and i said what kept you from doing that? he said i knew i want to discuss of the college nose up against other guys, i had the advantage if i did the right thing. making the right choices. >> that is what we have in our operating room. that is a very good point you brought up. >> the use the term war on football. i don't like that phrase, but since a lot of negative press. the president weighing in on football saying if i had a son i wouldn't let him play. it hurts football because think about it, for decades kids have been playing football, they turned out just fine. >> i can tell you parents are getting really nervous. they want administrators involved that oversee teachers for example in the classroom also overseeing coaches at the
9:34 am
same level. supervise, do coach evaluations, be more involved at and a minister level for whatever's going on on the field, why should it be any different with comes to sports? >> the helmets protecting soft injuries but with real concussions, they are not up to par with gays becoming more competitive. let him play tennis, with him participate in a sport at least they get the idea of teamwork and they can learn. >> concussions in pro football i think i really issue and probably certain levels in high school i do feel like nowadays parents are scared to let the kids go out anywhere and do anything. i used to ride a bike, no kids look like the michelin man. padding everywhere, the parents are so scared to even let them fall down. >> a trampling when i was growing up and no friends because my mother would not let
9:35 am
anybody come over and play. >> my dad took my training wheels off, the water wings off at some point. going to learn to swim. >> you are wearing it for a reason. >> you can come over to my house. getting out to gitmo. plans release some of the most dangerous people on earth from guantanamo bay. the fallout from the development. plus want to land hillary clinton on a speaking gig? why it will cost you a whole lot more money. details when one of these teaching contracts are getting a lot of reaction. i guess we're going to need a new santa
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>> want hillary clinton for a speech? you better have $300,000. a rare look into clinton's requests for her lucrative speaking gigs. on on the of all that money, at ucla's clinton's people asked for vegetable hors d'oeuvres and humus dip. still water plus lemon wedges. also for hillary and her entourage, coffee, tea and diet ginger ale. the university had to provide a computer, mouse, scanner and teleprompter, a special podium after her team rejected the one the school had set up, plus additional pillows in case her seat was too deep and she needed additional back support. and get this, when it came to pictures, group shots had to be prestaged with participants assembled and ready to take photos before clinton arrived so she, quote, isn't waiting for folks to get their act together,
9:41 am
end quote. dr. samadi, you're shaking your head. this is not on the jlo level, but is this bad? >> some of the things makes a lot of sense. the pillow, you want to make sure she's comfortable. humus or in the middle east, that makes a lot of sense. but $300,000 to listen to her? it's ridiculous. and i think bill clinton was getting, what, $200 or $250? so she's going all out, and why anyone would cater to this is beyond me. >> i can't hammer her on this list, dagen. lemon wedges and a pillow, it's really not that bad. she is a former first lady, and i don't think she was being too much of a diva here, but does politically does something like this hurt her? >> it will down the road if it doesn't end. like if she's seriously going to run, she has to stop with the demands and stop concern basically, she's going to have
9:42 am
to speak for free. there are a lot of people who wouldn't want to listen to her if they didn't have obey a dime for her -- to pay a dime for her. >> she is the godmother of the progressive movement, there's benghazi, really? lemon wedges are going to sink the clintons? >> this stuff really bothers people. i don't know that it bothered people when romney was painted as out of touch, but i do think there is some truth to the fact that there's that politician in every woman that goes out into the crowd, is viewed as low maintenance. just because they view it as someone who's just like us, and i think someone like a sarah palin, for example, one of the reasons she became so popular is because she'd go out into the crowd, and she was like a nonpolitician politician. so i think people do view it -- >> i've got to tell you -- >> you make a good point because remember when ronald reagan before he ran forth -- for president, he worked for ge, and
9:43 am
he went to all the small towns and talked to the hard working employees and would say don't strike, don't join a union, and everyone loved him because he was just a man of the people. he wasn't charging $300,000 to go speak. >> doesn't bother me. >> dead broke comment, right? and we know that's not true. maybe i'm defending her vegetable platter because that's the same thing that we have for the five in the green room minus the ginger ale, so it's really not that bad. >> how about her getting paid 50 grand more than her hubs for this speech? how's that going over in the household? >> well, there's a lot of questions, doctor, about how the clinton foundation raises its money. "the new york times" did a huge expose on how they're getting these big speaking fees, and i do think it's a problem especially when she spoke at unlv, and then they raised tuition for the students. so when public universities are funding hillary clinton, bankrolling her, she's claiming to be dead broke, and the
9:44 am
students -- who a lot of them are dead broke -- >> that's unfortunate. >> that's the problem. >> she was speaking about affordable education and getting paid $225,000. >> that's probably the most expensive humus you're going to see out there. [laughter] it's unfortunate. but i'll tell you something, i had no idea that she was getting paid so much, and the public have no clue as to what's going on. that's a lot more money -- >> we'll do it for a hot less money, guys, if you want to hire us. because we all speak. >> or the teleprompter. >> i need mine right now. [laughter] there may be a bit of a spat going on at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. vice president joe biden ticked off at the way defense secretary chuck hagel's tenure came to an end. and uh-oh, a study that dr. samadi may take issues with. male and female patients are more likely to listen to female doctors, why everyone should listen to the ladies, right? ♪ ♪
9:45 am
...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ ♪ >> okay. i may be outnumbered, but now
9:49 am
it's my turn with this story. a recent study shows patients are more likely to take advice from their doctor when that doctor is a woman. really? [laughter] research says a patient will refer to a doctor of the same gender. they say their preference for women may mean that communication skills play a bigger role in getting patients to trust a doctor. the results were even more pronounced when the doctors were giving advice about nutrition, exercise and weight loss. so -- [laughter] >> you disagree with this. >> no, look, i think that when you go through medical school, you're not really -- there's not a lot of emphasis on exercise, nutrition and weight loss. and i agree with this. this is a great study coming from europe that women have better communication skills, they really make their patients feel great. men, we're built in a different way, right? we think different. and i should agree with you pause there are four of you. [laughter] when it comes to cancer or surgery, i think the guys are more, you know, problem solvers.
9:50 am
when it comes to women, female doctors, they spend more time, they make the patient feel better. the patients feel that they can really understand them. and nowadays with the way medicine is going, our exposure is getting less and less, we're spending less and less time, so i think why in exercise, weight loss and nutrition -- now, don't get any ideas, male doctors are great, but what do you guys think? >> my experience has been, to be perfectly honest, female doctors in general, i have found -- just my experience -- have had better bedside manner. they're more compassionate. if i go in there, i get a sense of more empathy. that may have nothing to do with the treatment protocol. they may not be as good of a doctor, but there's an approach in the actual office that i found if i added up all the male and female doctors, i tend to gravitate to women for that reason, because i want someone who's going to sit and have a little compassion and seem more engaged and not so cold. >> i think listening's a big part of this. >> yeah. >> a male doctor talking about
9:51 am
obesity saying you don't look good, you may be overweight, lose that weight, and a female doctor would come in and go through the whole protocol of how you should change your nutrition, and i agree with that. >> like you were saying, i know for my ob/gyn i prefer to go to a woman. i have a great doctor, i feel like she understands my needs. but if it's something really serious, i just want the best. i want a doctor who was number one in his class, who went to the best schools. i want you, dr. samadi. [laughter] >> not going to go to you. [laughter] >> my dad had some issues. i talked to you, it was a few years ago, i remember in the "fox & friends" studio, i talked to you, and you gave me great advice, you told me you'd always talk to him if he needed -- >> i think it's also personal. therethere are a lot of doctorso treat medicine as business, but if you really love your patients, you go all in. you can make a difference in --
9:52 am
you don't know how many e-mails i got on this thanksgiving, people are saying i'm here next to my children because of you. there's really no money in the world, no reimbursement that can make you feel good when you see your patients that come and say, doc, i love you. so i think it also depends on the doctors. >> i think that's exactly right because i have a good mix of women and member, because i just -- and men, because i just want the best doctor. i feel they do listen to my needs, it just depends how they are and how their disposition is. >> but men are blunt, and they are brusque. >> not like d >> it's like my dad hands me a $20 when i graduated from college and said elope if you get married, i don't want to hear about it. [laughter] i sum up my male doctors that way. it's like boom, boom, boom, eat less -- >> some people want blunt. sometimes they want the truth, and that goes back to their personally. don't beat around the bush. >> especially when it comes to
9:53 am
cancer, you want someone who's really serious and get the job dope. when it comes to nutrition and weight loss, you can be more sensitive. okay, so high heels -- [laughter] forget the look. high heels could have a health benefit for women, especially as they get older. of the science that may back this up. really? this is fun. [laughter] i guess i'm surrounded by all these high-heeled women over here, so we'll have a good time. >> right. ♪ ♪ (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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♪ these boots are made for walking and that's what they will do. one of these days these boots will walk all over you. >> now for a topic we women know. the high heels and agony that come with them. wearing heels in your 70s may help protect you from falls by maintaining the sense of balance. falls are especially dangerous for women as one in two older women have porcello. >> hopefully we'll live in our 90s. >> i want to crack a hundred. >> i will be wearing high heels. and i tried to wear flats once and i broke my toe.
9:58 am
there was not enough support. i tried to wear flats but i broke my toe and i will stick with heels. >> i wear flats and i looked like i played field hockey in high school. and it definitely makes you look better and you feel taller and leaner. >> and i was reading a study based in france and if you do fall in high heels, men will come to your rescue. they put two women in the streets one in flats or heels. >> they say good for leg muscles and are there down sides as well. >> i want to go over all of the heels. how can you have no heels. these are great color. and purple over here. and look at the harp heel. and that is 8.75.
9:59 am
and the one-on-one side is more comfortable. >> the tom boyknows how to do. it as we get older, women don't have the estrogen and osteo pors onnis is a big deal. >> i feel like i will have to have knee surgery. >> and depends on how you carry. you have more support with thicker heels: >> i had to have a toe removed. >> don't do. that >> all of the ladies that are watching approaching 70 years old. >> this is a new challenge. send a picture of all of your heels and we'll look at. it >> oh, no. >> thank you for having us here today. >> and thank you, it was a lot of fun. >> have a great weekend. and we are back monday,
10:00 am
"happening now" starts right about now. >> and black friday expected to live up to its name this year and helping retailers get back in the black. i am ed henry in for jon scott. >> they are hoping to score the best gifts. they project a throe.1increase in sales. that is like a christmas gift for businesses that are trudging long in the stalling economy. rich is live with us from times square. >> the only other assignment that i want other than hanging out with ed henry in the white house is hanging out in


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